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basic wine |  classic >   fruity >   crisp >

Wines that is unmistakable in taste and typical for the respective variety; aged in stainless steel tanks, from various excellent locations in Deutschkreutz.

My Rosé >
ZWEIGELT Classic >

Mittelburgenland DAC Classic
Mittelburgenland DAC Ried FABIAN

the noble sort Blaufränkisch |
juicy >  elegant >   spicy >

Powerful, fruity and strong character red wines, that contain the aroma of cherries and berries. These wine work with a strong tannin structure and an intense, red color. The shelf life of the Blaufränkisch variety is considerable in duration.

Mittelburgenland DAC Classic >
Mittelburgenland DAC Ried FABIAN >

cuvées | charming >  balanced >  finesse >

Cuvée making and creating  - assenblage ... is the favorite occupation of our cellar master. After pre-tasting individual, finished wines in small sample series, Josef judges the various results with his all his senses. Finally, the varieties are delightfully combined - creating cuvées at their very best. The properties of the individual, varietal wines such as fruit expression, tannin content, alcohol content, residual sugar, etc. complement each other to a wonderful, finesse-rich, harmonious whole.

We promise highest wine tastings!

EQUINOX "365" >



premium wine. limited editions. extra class. |
high quality >  structured >  fascinating >

TOP wines with international format are created from a selection of the best French oak barrels and TOP vintages only. These are available in a limited edition of approx. 1500 to 2000 bottles (depending on the year). These first-class wines develop their body only after a few years of peace to create delightful and fascinating drinking pleasures.

We promise wines with charm, character and style!

vinum sine nomine L.E. >
Mittelburgenland  DAC Reserve Altes Weingebirge L.E. >

Blaufränkisch Reserve