the winegrower family

josef reumann | owner and winemaker

responsibilities | Vineyard management and Winemaking, Sales, Distribution.
born in | 1963
maritial status | Married to Maria and father of two daughters

education | Agricultural college for viticulture and pomiculture in Eisenstadt, and also worked in the family winery at home
1986 | Viticultural and oenological qualifications
1990 | Officially takes over the family winery with his wife Maria. Vine density is increased and new vineyards are acquired

1997-1998 | Austrian Wine Academy Diploma certificate (WSET accredited teaching institution)
1999 | Further increases to the winery and the installation of modern winemaking equipment.
Internships and winery visits: 1992 Burgundy, 1993 Tuscany, 1995 Bordeaux, 1997 California, 1999: Field trips and winery visits to Piedmont, 2001 South Africa, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 Bordeaux; 2004 Spain.

farvourite wine | Cuvée PHOENIX, “because it is a multidimensional, very complex and finesse wine, fitting well into the ranks of international cuvées. My goal is to produce wine I do enjoy myself - not only because I may also sell these wines best. Producing wine that is filled with joy tastes good to me, it is wine I like to talk about.“
favourite wine-growing regions | Mittelburgenland, Bordeaux, Ribera del Duero

Motto |  My foundation is our intact family, the winery grows only with them.


maria reumann | owner & quality loving soul

responsibilities | Sales, Marketing, Accounting and Administration
born in | 1966
maritial status | Married to Josef and mother of two daughters

education |
 Working in a tax consulting firm for 6 years; since 1990 in the company.

farvourite wine |
BLAUFRÄNKISCH Reserve Altes Weingebirge, "because it is an exquisite and high-quality wine that brings a owns a lot of fruit and harmony."
favourite wine-growing regions | Mittelburgenland (home ground), Bordeaux

Motto Firstly, the quality is key. I am fascinated that Sepp has such an intuition and sense for it, and that inspires me to support him in every way. It is important for me to build a personal relationship with the customer, because  I am convinced, our customer also wants to know who is behind the wine.


vera reumann | marketing communication

responsibilities | Wine presentations, Sale, Social media, Marketing
born in | 1993
maritial status | Unmarried

education | A-levels at the Gymnasium Oberpullendorf; Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Analysis; Completion of the Master's program "Mass Spectrometry and Molecular Analytics.

Enthusiasm about the versatility of her parents profession and their attachment and appreciation ofnature. Follows with interest the emergence of each new vintage.


hannah reumann | marketing communication

responsibilities | Wine presentations, Sale, Social media, Marketing
born in | 1996
maritial status | Unmarried

education | Preliminary examination for kitchen and service areas; Examination as certified cheese connoisseur; Examination for the young sommelier of Austria; Maturity and diploma examination (focus on cultural tourism) HLW Theresianum Eisenstadt; currently student at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, FH Bachelor program "Business Consulting". 

Born in the year in which Reumann's grapes are first harvested and processed into the Cuvée PHOENIX.  Hannah associates the wine experience  with "the many friendships created by my parents' profession; the wine and love combined in the beautiful restaurants and hotels where our wines are found".